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I recreated the iconic scene from the first Terminator (1984) with some variations. Hope you like it! Please support me for more content.

I entered two game modes: the first as TechCom and the second as T800, so you can play using both parts!


Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
AuthorStefano Cagnani V3
GenreShooter, Survival
Tagsfuture, Horror, machine, Robots, terminator, Third Person, Third-Person Shooter


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The Infiltrators


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Please upload this one again if possible. Thank you in advance.

Terminator: Future Flashback - Fighting T-800's sent by Skynet in this Terminator Simulation


Really nice terminator game for sure. While I wish there was a reticle in game (that would really make sense for the T-800), aim tracking is good enough that I could work without it. Nice job.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. https://www.youtube.com/@Levont

Thanks mate!

Quite possibly the best terminator game I've ever played. Amazing game. Keep up the great work! 


Oh nice to hear that! thanks!

The Terminator game we always wanted 



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Heres my playthrough i Hope you enjoy it

I cant wait to play the Freddy kruger game you teased on the hike game

Unfortunately that game Will never comes for now. But thanks

As a guy who has seen most of the terminator movies, this was pretty solid. Tbh a multiplayer game like that evil dead game on epic games store should exist, multiplayer terminator Lol. Overall, this was pretty good. Made a video on it.


Ahaha yeah thanks



love the graphics, especially if we could sharpen it

Amazing! for many reasons. First of all this is another free game that should be paid. It's only 165MB and has this grate graphics that looks so realistic. This is really impressive.


Grande Stefano, immagino tu sia italiano come me, continua così, ottimo lavoro.

Italianissimo. Grazie! Continuo così non ti preoccupare. Se hai idee dimmi pure. Sto raccogliendo di tutto in questi giorni. E quel che faccio in parte arriva da idee vostre in parte dalla mia mente malata. Molti progetti non riesco a finirlo per limiti miei e di materiale purtroppo... 

love it so much thank you :):):):):):)