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I decided to make this little personal gem. The battle between Sarah and the T800 inspired by Terminator 2. Hope you like it!

Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorStefano Cagnani V3
GenreShooter, Survival
TagsHorror, t2, t800, terminator, Third Person, Third-Person Shooter


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T2 - Rise Of Sarah Connor


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Grande stefano, nice terminator games


Great battle!


Awesome game, the implementation of a second sequence was a good choice!


Yep. Thanks

Compared to the infiltrator this was pretty solid, one mission but I like how the terminator has 2 phases, kind of like a boss battle. Made a video on it.


Yeah that Is what I'm talkin about. A real boss fight with a terminator. Thanks


cool terminator model ... well done

Good game

Good to see Sarah get some payback. I really like how the T-800 explodes and loses its legs like in the movie. Great work!

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Thanks bro

congrats to the creator,the terminator model in the game is very well done!!!


Great games, dude! I played them both in this vid. The shooting was insane haha, lasers everywhere. Good stuff, my man.


Thanks ahaha

played it as my second game!!

Thanks bro

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good graphics and control like AAA games


it was pretty good i don't know what else to say.. oh yeah the camera was really fast.

love the game wow thank you :)

Thank you too

here my video no commentary for the first time enjoy

Another free little gem made with Unreal Engine. Great atmosphere, nice animations. Easy one, just kill the Terminator, short but very satisfying.


io ho scaricato tutte i bullet dello stage ...e niente neanche lag non mi aiutato sconfigere questo essere in mondo t800 ...datemi  BAZZOKA O SHOT GUN ... cmq bravo

Ahahha figa ma questo lag non si può eliminare? Dovrei fare t800 vs. lag

cari stef ancora per poco ..poi aiutera skynet con ai dammi super grafica in tempo reale senza piu schede video ahahah ormai ci siamo .... stream support grafico senza avere nessun pc fisico stanno ragiugendo livello mai visti ,,,tutto in mano nuove ai ormai ci stano studiando con chat ai di google non se mai chat ai di google fa impressione ...non solo chat con ai evoluta ma di ta delle idee come un film o un gioco o eccc..impressionante come esperienza....di puo fare horror con chat ai che uccide suoi clienti ahahahah