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You are alone in your home, seven days after the VHS discovery.

Phone starts to ring... and the TV turn on by itself..

Now sadako demon is in your house, escape and save yurself if you can!

Updated 27 days ago
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AuthorStefano Cagnani V3


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Sadako 106 kB


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Wonderful game! I really like your work and I always ask my friends to support indie and fangame developers.

Congratulations, Stefano!

Gameplay en espaΓ±ol


I just bought the game and something strange has happened to the files to make them only 100kb

You must download the game. Ready the file insider. I pitted It inside for that reason. The game must be download ed before playing

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(1 edit)

So there have been games winking and nodding at this lore, but to do one that actually goes straight to the source. Amazing. Really had a great time with this one.

It's a straight forward story, and not a lot of mechanics, but very very fun. I do wish there was a bit more to interact with since the option is there. Also being able to send the tape to someone else would be a nice split ending. I won't lie, not spoiling, but going up the stairs after the tv part actually really got me. Haven't screamed audibly like that in a while. 

But overall, it looks great, plays well, and runs smooth. Sadako looks great as well so there is also great character design. 

Definitely would recommend as this is an amazing love letter to the genre and the movie/book.


Very welcome. I really enjoyed the game and look forward to whatever else you put out.


is this house model from a game name house party? ahem ahem XDD

The house comes from Epic games marketplace

This was a great take of an awesome movie! Awesome game, keep it up!! 

Thanks man!

Tested in french!

Nice love letter to Ring, it would be fantastic if on future version it would be possible to make a copy of the VHS in the house and send it to someone to escape the curse in a "good" ending! x)

Nice idea!

Che dire, atmosfera perfetta, sonoro ottimo, ma un pizzico di gameplay in piu', una tv con una sequenza di immagini come nel film  avrebbero reso questa esperienza piu' accattivante, ma nel complesso molto intrigante

Ti ringrazio molto! Soprattutto da un italiano il commento vale doppio!

ci mancherebbe! Ho detto quello che pensavo, veramente d'atmosfera! Complimenti continua cosi'! Io poi adoro  quel tipo di horror!

Nice ghΡ„Π΄

Loved this! Very good atmhosphere! Good scare aswell. Keep going!


I tried playing this game and this happened. Do I need to download a Zip Extractor or something

any answers?

open the text data then copy the link and download the rar. data from the authors google drive. its safe btw. then u extract the ordner where u like and play.

It actually worked. Thanks, a ton

omfg it was sooooo creppppyyyyyyyyyyyy



I really enjoyed this game. Good atmosphere. I think there is a bug though. When you a are in the garage, Sadako is glitched through the door.

Nice to Hear that bro

Honestly this was so aesthetic and fun to play. Capture the essence of watching it for the first time. Please make more games in the future!

Thanks. I keep It in mind

thank you

Thank you tooo

A really good Fangame.


Beautifully done. Really makes me want a full game of this. Full story, everything. This was a great, great game and I can't wait to see more! Played as part of a 3 Scary Games video, time stamps in the Description to jump straight to the game!


I really liked the game, the atmosphere and the scenery of the house were very terrifying, especially sadako lol

But anyway, congratulations on the game :)

Gameplay PT-BR


Amazing like u

Analogue ghost!

Gameplay nΓ£o comentado (Uncommented gameplay)!


It doesn't have much gameplay, but I love the atmosphere of this game. Worth a look. Not convinced yet? Take a look at the gameplay:

thank for this game !

Thank you too

I`ve never seen sadako game, so it was fre


Great game! I couldn't get the tvs to work properly but I am assuming it's something I did lol 

Thanks for the feed!

Nice game !


Gave it a Let's Play and my feedback within - 

Thanks bro!

Great little game. I was freaked out after she came out the TV. Good work! You can check out my gameplay here. 


Really good for your feed!

Deleted 92 days ago

You maybe must download the game before start it. There's the link inside the folder! 



Fun spooky game! I’m a huge Ring fan so when I saw this game, I knew I had to play it. Great job capturing Sadako’s creepiness.




Oh good bro! Thanks!

Genuinely creepy little game, great job!


Thanks for the feed!


Another fun horror experience from Mr. Cagnani.


This is a great game! Thank you! Below is my play through!

Thanks for the feeed!!!

This one's pretty cool. She's freaky as hell when she surprises you in the dark like that. That upstairs scare got me good haha. Thanks, dude!

It`s cool game.


thanks dude

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