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Return to Crystal Lake is a personalized reinterpretation of a horror classic: Friday the 13th. An idea of mine that, after my "Halloween" I wanted to bring to light. The game includes an ending with a crossover, it's up to you to find out what it is.

Updated 27 days ago
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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AuthorStefano Cagnani V3
GenreAction, Adventure
TagsArcade, Atmospheric, Creepy, Dark, Horror, Low-poly, Narrative, Singleplayer


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Crystal Lake


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I was wondering if you knew of any fixes for this game? It just plays the intro and then its a black screen, then it flickers with music for a second and then black screen again. Id really like to play this for my YT channel. Thanks

Excelente juego 

Love it! 

Every part of this I enjoyed! It was well made and well executed! The quality, just fantastic. Felt a few times like I was being watched by Jason, so definitely enjoyed the atmosphere. All in all, a very good job! 

obrigado Cagnani por essa obra prima!

Nice game !

This was amazing! Some area's felt a little goofy and could've been improved, but I think that it added to the charm of it! I felt at times that I was actually watching a movie and interacting with it! GREAT GAME!

HOLY MOTHER!!!! This game is beyond amazing!! I can't wait to play them all! Keep making more so I don't ever have to stop.

Gameplay traduzindo para português do Brasil!

Had so much fun playing this game!  It really hits like the movies!

watch it thx guys

This Was Great

Really fun romp through Crystal Lake!


Fantastic short indie horror experience. Always great to see Jason back at Crystal Lake. Also super spicy intro to the game lol. Solid 8.5/10. Here's my playthrough:


Great Friday13th Sequel. 

Jason is back #horror #fridaythe13th

Thanks bro

Game is hilarious lol Great work man!

Lol. Nice to hear that

I love Jason! We need more with mr. Krueger, please! 

I know. Maybe in future bro

Ain’t no way I can call these people “Friends”. This was definitely a good one and we need a pt.2 after that cliffhanger at the end


Why no Credit Card payment options available ?

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Lol Lizzy's 3D model is literally Helena Harper from RE6...


Im not able to play this, everytime i go to launch, it shows the intro with the UE4 then the screen just stays black

I haven't watched the old Friday the 13th movies since I was a kid but from what I remember , this game is true to the movie .  lol I did fall through the map at the beginning but that's my  fault for wanting to explore lol  Overall Its a very nicely made game  


Thanks little girl :) you're beautiful like the gameplay video. Love love love love you

aw thanks for taking the time to watch ! :) Really appreciate it . Hope you have a great day and keep making games ! :)

EL CAMPAMENTO SANGRIENTO 😱 - FRIDAY 13th (JASON) - (Gameplay completo - Español) - YouTube 

Mi experiencia en español!! Un grande como siempre Stefano!!


Muy divertido de jugar, espero que vuelvas a resubir Tarantula, el antiguo no se porque no me funciona :(


Jason rules! Awesome game =)

Thanks bro

This was a fun game and Jason was INSANE lolol 


you use C++ or Blueprints ?





Just wanted to say what a great project you have! Can I contact you somehow?

Hey. I noticed that you wrote this question under other projects ... why?

i can't dowload


Use the link

Look, you and me create games in Unreal Engine, and i created a Jason Game


Look, if you put images/gameplay of your game in your page it's better I think, xpecially for those wanna play it. By the way, I tried you game but I found you're at the beginning with UE4 right?

yes, i started using ue4 in august

Long Is the way in front of you 

That was pretty good, man! I always love cool cutscenes and we got a lot of those in this game. Thanks for everything you do!


Thanks to you bro! 


Nice to hear it

As always...Another awesome game from Stefano! Had a blast with this one.  

Amazing to hear that

Jason is back! Amazing work Stefano! Truly hope you keep making more of these, You're a talented dude! 

thanks for the feed. Thanks to all of you! You keep me alive whit these projects

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Thanks for another excellent job, Stefano. The gameplay is ready in the channel @heavyhorrorgames.

Thanks to you

No-commentary playthrough:

Ran into a few issues while putting this video together, most notably falling off the edge of the map into an endless abyss. It definitely looks nice, though!

Sigh... Thanks

My playthrough Enjoy thx Stefano

Thx bro

Awesome! I can't wait to check this one out, might even try it on a live stream.

Looks great so far from the pics you provided!

Thx bro

Really enjoyed the setpieces this time! Loved the little but appropriate story, fitting for a F13.

It was great featuring different Jasons for the two eras.

The F.. K... cameo at the end was.. surprising! Now I kinda want a game for him as well, haha.

My only issue was encountering a weird bug at the Ferris Wheel. I tried running to the spot Jason was guarding..ended up leaving the map out of bounds, see the pics: https://imgur.com/a/hWdCDw3

Anyways, can't wait for your next games! They're very inspiring  and a nice love letter to horror films.

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