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Waiting Halloween, I decide to reupload my old Teaser trailer/game for my upcoming Halloween Part II officially in development! 

I decided to upload another horror game I made between the linsk below, to enjoy this halloween night better! Enjoy


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Halloween 2
Tomba Of The Blind Dead


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Sou seu grande fã! adoro seus jogos!

The graphics on these games are insane! Can’t wait to see more from this series! 


i Like this game, thank for this game ... :D 

Thank to you bro

Always such a fan of your work! Truly hope you keep making these, Really hope to see more of Scream, Jason, Michael and Leatherface! 

As copyright permission yes. Thanks

That was pretty good. I didn't know what to expect since you said you abandoned the demo but I was impressed with what you did! Thanks, dude!


the demo was an introduction. You consider to play in order. Demo and after Part 2. By the way thanks

Mi experiencia en español. Tan corto que me quedé con ganas de más (aún tengo que empezar la 3era parte). Muy bueno Cagnani!! Felicitaciones !!


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Loved it My freind keep Going your amazing


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Please Part 1 !! :D  
Me Encanta!!

Parte 1 link on my YouTube Channel in comments

I don't see the link, I went to see all your halloween videos and I don't see Halloween part I , I only saw one from mega that was Ghostface

halloween parte 1 dov'e?

Sfortunatamente non qui ma sul mio canale YouTube puoi trovare il link

ah ok, grazie

ho controllato, non c'e sul tuo canale, puoi scrivere il link qui nei commenti per favore?


Thanks. Did you play the other game in the second link?



It’s my pleasure. 😊👍👍👍

Guys the link for the "full" short release in online here! 

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Loved this, just finished playing and recording it.  The video is uploading, will add the link as soon as it renders.  Loving your work, and appreciate you sharing it with everyone.

Thnakyou! I'm current finishing the Part III

Very cool.  Looking forward to it when its ready to be released.  

Maybe in this week! I upload a new page with the part III

Did you play the other game on the second link?

I decided to add a free game to the Halloween Part 2, enjoy! Soon I will upload HALLOWEEEN PART III :) 

Thank you.  Just finished playing it.  Uploading a video now.

Fantastic! Now I'm current finishing the Part III

What time of day will it release tomorrow?


It comes with other game. (The second link)

Your games are epic but I hope there is no Copyright this time. Waiting for the full game. 4/5

Full release is near! Hope no copyright, but it depends by haters! not by me!

I wish you luck. :)) 

Now the link is online!

Link for what??? I already played the demo!

The link for the game! not the demo! is in the same page

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Gave this a try to see what you got so far.  Love the graphics and sound.  Here is a short video.  


Full release is near!

Looking forward to it.  Loved the 1st one you created.  Still need to record a video of it, maybe this weekend I can do that.

I put a video up of the first Halloween Game.  I absolutely enjoyed it.  Looking forward to the 31st.

Now you can play halloween part 2

you gonna reupload the old games or there are completly gone? :(

For now not, you can play the full halloween 2 game here

This is the offcial last trailer I made

wait the its complete right?

and know i can play really?


No, the updated complete game is coming on Oct 31st, halloween is halloween

Now online the link!

Little updates, the game it's complete!


I played the "Original' version of this last year. It was awesome!  Not sure if it's been updated, but I tried to download this. It won't open with Mega

Unfortunately mega is the only link available. You're the first saying me that it won't opens, so strange!


Now you can play the part 2

can't wait for full release! :)


It will be a full but short release, cause I have no time to develop it as a full game! So short So intense!

The release in online. Link updated

love it a lot :)

thanks! the full (it will not a continuation of the teaser) will comes near Halloween!

The full version Is online. Link updated. Soon the party 3.

First images from the developer vlog, updates soon! Stay here!