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This was amazing, i really liked!

Not bad! Got me in the end! 



Nice game and graphics !!

Deleted 78 days ago

Thank you miss. You're beautiful like your videos. It Will be nice to talk with u to know each others Better. I'm a big talker. If u like horrors maybe u can tell me ideas

Thank  you for your nice words!  Maybe you can make a lovecraftian horror game?? :)

Make a Saw Game!! Please!! You make amazing games!

Since this is only a small teaser, I won't judge it too much. The environment looks real nice and the cinematic look feels good. Not much really happened but again... this is only a teaser so... I shouldn't have expected much lol. From what I played, it was alright and I wouldn't mind checking out what comes later!

This is the 3rd game I play


Incredible games man, how can I get the leatherface one, I saw it and I loved it but it's not on your page either...:-(

This game was actually not bad, very confused on what was happening as i've never saw the movie but I will after playing this!

Of you Watch the movie Will all clear

game wont start please help

Maybe your PC doesnt support the graphics... I don't know bro

i have 3080ti tho

Really creepy and fun, good work :)



as an absolute sucker for this movie, I can't wait for the full game

No release for a full game but thanks

How do u make these games

With Unreal Engine 4 and years of experience and now my knowledge make me do this :) or do what I want.

Can't wait for the full game of this! So excited for a The Thing horror based game! This demo definitely plays into the atmosphere and feels like you're in the thick of it! Check out the playthrough below!

Thanks, no plans for a full game for now

No worries! I could see this being an Alien Isolation/Among Us type game and it would be Sick! Loved the teaser and hope you're able to continue the idea!

This was really creepy cant wait to see full game

too short but very nice 

This was terrifying!! Should not have brought this horror back. I'm going to be having lots of nightmares now.

Poor doggos being ripped apart aaahhhh and I'm stuck on if I should go or stay! The teaser was fantastic, and I wouldn't expect anything less considering your other developments! Keep on bringing these classics to life!

Great Work!

This is a dope teaser.

Gameplay não comentado

I really loved the demo. As a Huge The Thing movie fan I always wanted a game based on it

Excited to play the full game.

In case you weren't aware, there is a video game based on The Thing! And it's actually pretty good. Released in 2002, I believe.

But It was a sequel not a game based on the movie. So good but not at the samen level. It was better to realize the series in 2004

I played this game and your "The Thing From Another World" game in the same video! I'm a P.T. fan and a HUGE The Thing 1982 fan, so this game felt so awesome to play! I'll share these games in a Discord server that I'm in!


You're welcome! Keep up the good work, Stefano!

very nice game, just had to be longer



I tried to start the game but it won't even open :S

same for me what gives ??

I get the same thing for this game and the 1951 Thing (other games like Crystal Lake open fine).

pretty cool

I loved ur game.
also my game is made with unreal engine 
Another Island by PurplePanzer (


I loved this so much! It really took me back to the time frame I started getting into horror related things. Awesome experience! 


I didnt want this game to end. Wish it had more but for what it does have its a good solid game.  You game is first and starts at 00:08


I know.. thanks


For all the fans of the original movie The Thing From Another World experience will come here soon. Very soon.

Played at 10:56. Brilliant experience while it lasted!

I wanted more which is a significant of a good game. I haven't watched the film but its made me want to!

Check out my video.

Hope you will see the mmovie. Thanks 

Great experience! My knowledge of the movie fully played against me here. I broke out in sweat. I almost would have complained about the slow walking speed, but I think it actually made me even more stressed out, which is great for the game!


I very much look forward to the full game! 

Not plans for a 1982 full game version. I'm corrente work on the original 1951 version. Thanks for playing

this game was honestly really good. The monster at the end was 10/10! 


Pretty fun game, the atmosphere was amazing. 


The Thing Short Horror Experience

this game looked amazing and had great atmosphere can’t wait to see more from this keep up the good work!!

I'm current work on a game about the old version of this movie. The original. So thanks and keep follow my works

I'm absolutely in love with this PT. The graphics are beautiful and very vibrant, they look exactly from the movie which is INSANE! I really hope more "scenes" from the movie eventually get made, since for me it's a nostalgia trip. Thank you for making this! ❤

Please, check out my video to see the full gameplay, and of me getting spooked with funny moments in between. Thank you in advance ❤️ stay safe and be responsible. 


Awesome teaser! Great experience for such a short time, well done!


Thanks for making it!

Playing your game was so atmospheric, and i can really feel that immersion when I'm playing it.  Great work DEV :). and check out my gameplay here.


What a beautiful recreation of an amazing horror movie! Truly loved this and would love to see more scenes added! The Thing was my favorite horror movie and I absolutely loved this! 

I'm working on a game based on the old version. The original movie. So keep up following my works. Soon I will publish the game


can't wait until the full game releases 

No plans for a full game about the 1982 movie

This was so good! I loved the experience! It makes me want to watch the actual movie now! 

This was absolutely a fantastic piece of work! Really set me on edge and the way the dogs turned all weird! Jesus.

Here is my play through! I hope you all enjoy!

Ahah thanks

Really nice work, the dog monster looks spot-on! Shame you didn't do the burn in with blue fog for the title tho, it's so iconic and you have volumetric fog there. Also you might want to disable all the VR plugins if this is not going to be a VR title. UE4 has them enabled by default on new projects and it causes Steam VR to try and launch the game in VR.

No VR for now. Thanks by the way

Really good game, also a fan of the movie. It'll be nice to enjoy the full version!

Nice to hear It. But no plans for a future full game about the  1982 of the movie. I'm working on a game based on the old version. To easy to do and more beautiful to play I think. So keep up to follow me and my works. Thanks

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