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Thank you for making yet again another really great game based on a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you enjoy the gameplay.

after playing nosferatu from this person i'd thought i'd give this a try and just like nosferatu it's as somewhat accurate to the movie as it can get but i will have to say one of the parts glitched out on me when it tries to move over to the next part of the game but overall really good


Great project and idea to make game based on classic The thing from another world =)

Enjoyed it a lot! Great job :)

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Hello Stefano Cagnani, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

Gameplay Link:

The Thing From Another World (indie Horror) - Full Gameplay + Commentary (+Download)

I really enjoyed this. You did a great job of capturing the look and feel of the movie. 



Wow, really awesome work! I really liked this, too bad it ended quickly ;-)
Reminds me of the old "The Thing" game from 2002. Good memories. Hope to see more!

Thanks bro

thank for this game !

Thank you

I played this game and your "The Thing P.T." game in the same video! I did run into that looping bug while trying to get the flamethrower, but it's okay because I was able to finish the game thanks to the menu options! Well done with this game! I'm a huge fan of these movies so this was so cool to play! I'll share these games in a Discord server that I'm in!

Yes thanks bro

You're welcome, bro! Keep up the good work!

Are you going to rerelease the war of the worlds game you made?

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I hope they do! I miss all the other stuff they had!

I really, really enjoyed this one.

Well done on capturing the atmosphere of the 1951 classic! Nice use of the music, but the visuals are great as well.

As you'd expect, my only issue with this one is the fact we have to manually jump to the last act or the ending sequence. Too bad, the rest flew so well. From going outside finding the ufo back to the camp, the outside guard, the dogs, the attack inside.. just the flamethrower sequence broke this seamless experience..

Hopefully you can find a way to update this one at some point, don't leave it in this state!

Unfortunately is an Engine problem, Epic Games have to fix it, but the version I used here is too old to hope in updates, so I found the bug before I finish to developing, and It was nothing to do! So thanks, and maybe in future I have to rebuild the game, o rework totally on it, but it's too much work for me! 

Can you, for example, add an "event" when the Thing's following the main character, going back to the flamethrower room automatically launches like a cutscene of the character putting it on.

An automatic "go to scene..." that imitates the player clicking on those buttons in the main menu ?

Kind of a way to avoid the broken issue of the Epic Engine by using automatic scenes that play one after the other?

I'm sorry, I'm just trying to find some ways to help..

1951 classic? That movie has nothing on this masterpiece 👏👏

Stefano, its been a while Sir! 
I used to see your games and played couple of them with an awe and surprise with a very untraditional way of crafting a story and gameplay, but it is very delightful to see you come back, especially with a game like this. 
I've always loved the black and white visuals, I remember your spider game, which was another brilliant masterpiece and this just follows the footsteps.
Music choice, character design, the creepiness and overall atmosphere - 10/10 Sir.
Can't wait for more games from you and again, glad to see you back. 
Bravo 🎉

Thanks sir, welcome back too!

The game has some issues, but the horror atmosphere is there. =) 

Yeah, I know! Thansk!

This was pretty good. Had a SoftLock happen to where the monster trapped me in a corner and I was forced to relaunch the game, good thing you added the buttons for playing the ending/cinematic. That helped as this SoftLock happened right at the end of the game. Made a video on it.

It was a bug but sometimes it helps! Thanks!

bravo riprendere originale ...ormai sei una sayan riprendere vecchi film bianco nero farli in gioco ... sei unico 

Peccato per il bug del caricamento dei livelli DIOCA... ma purtroppo la versione del motore che uso ha quel problema e non posso farci niente! Grazie! Son sempre carico per questi giochi, nessuno ha mai realizzato nulla about them! E quindi ci penso io!

questo punto proporrei questo film in gioco ahahah anni 80 ..non se mai visto questo film horror  

grazie me lo guardo poi ci penso ahah

Ghoulies  questo da tirare fuori perche finito nel dimenticatoio ... questo ormai e un open non piu nessun diritto d autore ... questo sarebbe da riprenderlo film saga fare un reboot ...farci anche gioco sarebbe carino x chi non conosce questa perla trash horror dove ci sono molto idee

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No-commentary playthrough:

This was really cool visually, but a bit clunky on the technical end. Once I reached the room with the flamethrower, the game kept looping me back to the section where the thing first confronts you. To play the ending where you shoot the flamethrower and to see the ending cinematic I had to exit the game and select each option from the menu respectively. I saw in the comments that you were aware of this to some degree, but I wasn't sure if you'd encountered the issues exactly as I described them.

I'll be checking out your next project, though! Keep it up!

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the current version of the Engine I used has a big bug never fixed by Epic Games, so yes, that's the big trouble!
I had to do that trick (to put link in the main menu) to make the game works. 

I know. Sorry for that but not my fault. 

Thanks by the way!

I will be playing this live 11/17 around 7 PM EST =).

Check Of the game Is ok before do a live cause I checked It and for me It's ok. But I had truble about 2 level loading so I put a menù with separate load for each of the levela. So please check out if It's all ok before. Thanks

I gotta say this I've tried every game u have put out I get an email alert as soon as u drop a new game or a update to a previous game, but your games are fucking awesome and I love everyone of them plz plz keep doing what ur doing. Your doing amazing things

Thanks Bro. I never give up to do stuff. I'm working on another secret project based on and old movie now.

Great I can't wait