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Great game! It reminded me a lot of Silent Hill 3 and Resident Evil 4!

Thanks for the feed!


I've played your game and made a video on it., enjoyed the game and gave some feedback towards the end. :)

Thanks for the feed!

That was pretty cool, man. Definitely a creepy atmosphere and it made you wonder what the hell is happening on that island the whole time. I don't know if that door in the 3rd chapter was the end but I fell through the floor after that, so hopefully I didn't miss anything there. Still a fun game though. Thanks, dude!

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Thanks for the feed! 

ottima atmosfera le vibes con old skool ci sono tt.. bravo

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Grazie cara!

Hello, I played this game and I liked it but it does have some bugs, chapter 2 in bathroom falling through the floor, same thing in the forest big door and I couldn't proceed after that, this is a solid game if these issues can be resolved soon, good work :)


Thanks for the feed! I'llCheck!

Hi, I'm a sound engineer, composer and music producer. If you need me on your team let me know.

Discord: wood.dice#3714

Fantastic game, I enjoy playing this game, I want you to subscribe to my channel, I need support, help please, you will like my channel, thanks friend, greetings from Spain

Thanks for the feed!

The game looks good but to be honest chapter 2 has some problems. When I finished chapter 1 the game closed. Then at the start of chapter 2 I went left side and fell down the map. I open the game again, went to chapter 2, found the key to the door, when I enter theres a bathroom door, I opened it and fell down the map again...

Guys the game now is in V2, fixed from bugs! Try it now!


The Forest map does not work for me. Others are fine.

You spawn in but can't move.

I'll check it once at home! I've problems for a bug in the load level function. So I Need to check!

Try it now is fixed