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The environment looked amazing, and it gave me a good scare. I enjoyed it. 

SMILE - Full Walkthrough Gameplay + Commentary (+Download)

This game was really creepy! Really hope for a longer experience! Good work devs

Hello Stefano Cagnani, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

Gameplay Link:

Creepy. Some of the doors are a bit... ethereal. 


Good short horror game. 

Very cool short horror game!

The graphics look great and both the scares and the atmosphere are great.

I really liked this short game.

I haven't seen the movie yet and I don't want to get spoilers, let's see when I can see it!!

Here is my reaction, thanks for this great job!!

Other than falling through the ground a couple of times this was a pretty creepy P.T. 

Brilliant little game, great job!

i didn't get it jet but man does it look like i will pee my pants

Two hours was not enough time to make this because I honestly couldn't stop laughing.  

The first text is "I need to piss quickly!"  Which is comedy.

Funnier is that you start with that objective, are met with three stalls to "piss" in right in front of you and none of them are interactable so that's not the objective.  This guy is going to have to wait.  Next I tried walking to explore the area since he could not piss quickly and found a water bottle and piece of paper floating in midair then walked straight through a door and fell into an abyss.  I laughed out loud, came to comment, and am about to give it another go in case Unity just didn't load in the environment correctly.

Went back in and finished. 

The Bad: 

Same problems with the floating assets to the left of the stalls.  Didn't chance walking toward the door so I didn't have to sit through the opening cinematic again.  MC is weird looking and moves extremely slowly for someone who announces their presence with an urgent need.  There is no clear goal and nothing is interactable outside of walking up to it so you just have to wander to make things happen.  Lack of objective tab or waypoint is good for immersion but some visual clues would be beneficial here.

The Good:

 Animations are fluid when moving the MC.  Smiling lady is spooky enough and for 2 hours of work the environment looks great!  If I were the developer I would have spent more time on this proof of concept and done some quality checks before releasing but I see that there was excitement and heart in this.  

Hope this guy keeps going and either polishes and re-releases this short experience or makes a unique new project soon!

A superb reimagining of the original idea for Smile! 

From the starting point, the game did look like an homage to "Silent Hill", although the cinematics, the movement and everything was perfect. I really enjoyed this experience. 

Can't wait to see more games from you Stefano. Cheers! 

Short but not bad for being made in only a couple of hours, apart from almost clipping outside of the map I experienced very little problems. Made a video on it. Also, happy new year!

wow really great thank you 

This was short and sweet and I loved it! 

Great Game!

Nice and short game! I enjoyed this. I left a feedback in this video! I hope you enjoy my video! 


Great game

I just wanted to pee man

My Playthrough i hope you enjoy it thx stefano

This experience sure made me... SMILE. Nice job!


Excellent as always! You really have a knack for cinematic horror games. Thanks for sharing this with us!

i cant download this, says it needs a website to download it so i tried that and now its not trusted...why cant i just download it from itc

I made some screenshots :D

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I think I broke the game, but it was fun :D 

I Regret Not Giving Her Toilet Paper | Smile (Gameplay)

Great audio for very short horror game. Thank you for the game


there is bug with door no collision

That was really cool, man. She's pretty freaky! Thanks for making these badass games!

Sinceramente me quedé con ganas de más. No es que sea el personaje mas creepy pero el ambiente es excelente!!
Felicitaciones Cagnani! Que tengas un feliz inicio de año! 

Interesting short horror game.


really enjoyed this, i love the cinematics in the game it really is something to behold, gameplay was really smooth and nice to play, honestly i think you should make a full game, you have some massive talent and i think if you put time into a full project it will do amazing! enjoyed this alot though,

gameplay above hope you guys enjoy 

Yes. i know... Thanks

Cool game



 wow nice game


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Oh really thanks


nice short ..cazzo cia da ridere ahahah ;D

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