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bro free the game!

Another great game! I always thoroughly enjoy playing your games!

I loved it! Awesome Black and White horror!

I love most of Stefanos games, so I made a video with a few of them. Just a showcase of what Stefano is capable of.

this is absolutely amazing and authentic i love it so much the creator of this did a amazing job at making it feel like your in the film as the mood and atmosphere of the 1922 silent film nosferatu was the very first silent film i ever watched and made me fall in love with silent films which are some of the best movies i've ever seen i highly highly recommend this and the movie i am just blown away by how authentic this is the dev really knew what he was doing

Gameplay nรฃo comentado!

Da amante e collezionista di film horror non potevo non provarlo.

Che dire, GENIALE . La realizzazione stile film d'epoca e' perfetta e rende benissimo l'atmosfera! Complimenti

Masterpiece as always =) Great atmosphere and aesthetic of the classic horror!

Nice game! btw i don't know how to escape. hehe

enjoy my gameplay. :) 

A pretty neat and fun game! Good work :)

This is really cool, dude. I loved it! And it was much creepier than i expected. He kinda scared me when he cane through that doorway haha. Very nice, my friend! Thanks for the fun!

Also, just wanted to let you know that this game doesn't show up if you search for Nosferatu on itchio. Might be a good idea to put that in the tags to help people find it.

// Updates of 09-10-22 //
Environment and MainMaps completed, now I'm working on the ingame events!   stef strano caso ..metaverso ..cioe giocato questo gioco pensando che eri tu.... poi guardo bene altro progetto

This is the first video ingame to show how the main menu and the credits looks like!

Current in development! Updates soon!