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I am very sorry if this seems random, but I know that you were the developer of the ANTRUM fan game. Unfortunately, since all of your pages got deleted, ANTRUM went along with it. Is there any possibility you can share it again?



An incredible experience as always. Stefano never fails to shock and amaze :) A must try for any horror fan. Game starts at 3:56

ahaha thanks!!

We love your way of creating games, thanks for that and that's why we made a little special of three of your works. We hope you like it. Please keep developing great games like this. Great work

Really honored

I would love to see this become a full game

Loved this short experience. Would like to see a longer game.

Thanks for the feed. I keep it in my mind for a future experience!

good do you have the link of your scream game from last year? I can't download it. Please, if you can, send me a new link. Greetings


So how do I play it? I wanted to but I don't know...

We have a playthrough video if you want to watch it.

Looks amazing. Short, but very cool... :)

Thanks for the feed

@@ it' still a little BUG, but game graphic very good. Thank you !

Thanks for the feed

Great survival horror game. Short but amazing!

Impressive camera and tense moments.

Thanks for the feed. It is short I know but done in 48h for a Jam

Wow, this is REALLY good! It's pretty intense because you feel like you're actually in those confined spaces with the main character. Great job, dude! I hope you add more to this one day because this is amazing!


very very thanks bro

pretty cool game wish it was longer but either way it was really cool!

thanks bro


A txt file in a zip file with a link to google drive that you have to request permission to download mmmm!. fix please.

try now!

Put a direct link to download. Why you add text file ? 

try now!